Planning and Investment Unit

The planning and investment unit is one of the four units in technical department charged with the role of planning, designing and construction of projects for network expansion and reinforcement as well as working out the investment needed for such and other projects.
The Unit provides, among others, strategic advice for KEDCO technical infrastructures development. The unit details responsibilities are;

  • To ensure electrical installations are adequately and properly planned.
  • To ensure affiliates use the best quality of materials for installations.
  • To ensure that standards in terms of planning extensions are complied with.
  • To monitor and control all distribution networks.
  • To develop plans to accomplish KEDCO’s investment goals for network expansions.
  • To Identify and convey issues or constraints associated with installation, operations, systems, platform, pricing and propose alternatives.
  • To ensure conformance with KEDCO’S installation guidelines and regulatory policies.
  • To identify customers’ needs by basic installation planning modules.
  • To Maintain and update records as well as files on existing installations.
  • To prioritize customer requirements.
  • To identify changing needs and develop strong customer relationships.
  • To identify and develop alternative procedures of business development to draw new assets and attain planned goals.
  • To provide oversight for project(s) and all related activities in that setting to include quality assurance and safety.
  • To coordinate and manage facilities, equipment, supplies and related resources as necessary for the project.
  • To Keep and update record and inventory of Company’s Distribution assets like conductors, underground cables, transformers, etc.

  • KEDCO through this unit is already investing in the area of network expansion and reinforcement and made proposals to invest heavily as soon as possible in the following area;
    • Construction of additional injection s/stations
    • Completion of all on-going projects
    • Construction of additional 33Kv and 11KV feeders to provide relief to the over loaded ones.
    • Installation of distribution transformers to provide relief for the over loaded ones and extend electricity supply to some potential customers.